Pacific Ag is a full-service farm management operation with a long-standing heritage of stewarding the land. Our leadership + depth of knowledge in agricultural management helps our customers, partners + team achieve long-term success, profitability + confidence. We are proud to manage over 18,000 acres of almonds + pistachios for our customers.


Over the years, we’ve seen the need for + value of high-quality, dependable equipment that’s readily available for our various operations. Our fleet of tractors, sprayers, harvesting equipment + other pieces allow us to keep our acres in pristine condition. We also provide complete orchard development from start to finish for our customers. We have over 100 full-time employees that are well-trained + committed to our culture of teamwork. Owning + controlling all our equipment operations allows us to drive quality + efficiency in every part of our service.

Running the daily operations of a farm can be overwhelming with ever-changing regulations + compliance requirements. Pac-Ag has an experienced staff that prides itself in developing state-of-the-art systems that efficiently handle all of the complexities involved in keeping farm operations running smoothly.

As your business continues to grow, we pride ourselves on implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to ensure the assets we manage remain sustainable for generations to come. We also bring relevant + modern farming practices that drive efficiencies.

Our offices manage financial operations for our growers, including taxes, accounting + general management, to keep farms running + profitable. This back-end support allows our growers + management teams to run efficiently so you know your assets are well-protected. Our financial data is kept in accordance with GAAP + tax laws, and proper separation of duties and checks + balances are put into place.

Through our partnership with Treehouse California Almonds, we are proud to offer our customers a stable pool price marketing approach with consistently higher grower returns through sales of higher-value processed almond products.

Safety for our workers is a top priority at Pac-Ag. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all workers in our farming operations. Our Safety Department works closely with everyone in our fields to provide ongoing assessment, training, monitoring + incentive-based solutions to ensure our valued workers are safe and can continue to provide for their families.



Three generations of investment, agriculture knowledge, advice + solutions are available to our customers + partners. The heritage of our founders is woven into everything we have built and will continue to build as we grow. Our services + processes are founded on our guiding values of respect, integrity + teamwork.

When you get experienced farmers + managers in a room to develop solutions, ideas abound. Every day at Pac-Ag, our farmers, managers, team members, leadership teams + employees work together to create solutions that help streamline + nourish our business + client assets. As external innovation excels, so do our internal solutions — all available to our clients + sister brands, allowing competitive advantage + stability.

No acreage is the same. Unique variables require our teams to build out a customized approach to every acre under our care. From leveraging our internal team to extending out through our sister brands, we facilitate a solution that is efficient, profitable + sustainable.


Constant innovation has led us to expand offerings + services through specialized entities housed within the Pac-Ag family. Together, they create an orchestrated network that helps Pac-Ag innovate while ensuring high-level efficiencies + support for all of our customer’s assets.

Heritage Equipment Company houses a fleet of farming equipment that is readily available to the acreages within Pac-Ag. We are able to innovate, plan strategically + move quickly because we have immediate access to these assets.

UHB (United Honeybees) was integrated into the farming operation to help serve Kern County’s pollination needs. As a multi-state operation, UHB strives to provide quality pollination services + bulk honey sales through a B2B model.

Redhouse Beef is a grass-fed + grass-finished beef operation that uses cattle from our Rancheria operation. Redhouse utilizes Pac-Ag in a way that allows them to focus on health-conscious, consumer-driven support while we ensure that day-to-day + big-picture management is taken care of.

Rancheria acts as our large cow-calf operation for Redhouse + other partners. We are able to steward Angus cattle through a controlled but respectful + nourishing environment across the hills of Rancheria.

Through our partnership with Treehouse Almonds, we are proud to offer a stable pool price marketing approach with consistently higher grower returns through sales of higher value processed almond products. Our partnership has expanded the business to include over 20,000 acres of stable supply + international marketing support.

Founded to perpetuate internal solutions to ever-changing legislation, Pacific Resources has become a knowledge hub for all things water-related. Pacific Resources provides Pac-Ag with time-sensitive updates to water regulations + system changes, allowing us to help our customers navigate water challenges.